Occupy!The Beat is raising social consciousness, and aims to provide funding for organizations and programs that cooperate with us in realizing our ideas for a better and equal society without oppression.

Over the course of the last 2 years we have seen the people at every level of society participate and organize in the Occupy Movement National Coalition: prisoner human rights and freedom- loving people from across the spectrum of socially progressive causes challenge the ruling 1% and its tools for control of the cultural fabric of our society.

What we propose with the Occupy!The Beat benefit concert series is to not simply promote awareness of the inherent interest the common man and woman have in supporting these efforts – but actually funding the organizations and community development programs that will move our society progressively along the path of transfer culture.

We plan to hold a series of benefit concerts, starting in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay area, that showcase both mainstream and local music acts to raise social consciousness, funding, and awareness for:

  • the National Occupy Movement
  • the 3 Pilot Programs:
  1. Community Empowerment (Closed Circuit Initiative (C.C.E.I.)
  2. Block-Vote Democratic Initiative (B.V.D.I.)
  3. Sustainable Agricultural Commune (S.A.C.)
  • Pelican Bay Hunger Strike Solidarity –  and other Human Rights Groups, and
  • the N.C.T.T. Legal Defense and Support Fund.

We will seek to secure Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, and Alternative Music Artists to contribute performances with all proceeds going to the “Mass Movement Development Fund” where they will automatically be divided and transferred amongst the beneficiaries in the appropriate percentage distributions.

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